Dropbox Paper Makes Brainstorming Easier for Everyone

One thing that everyone loves while working for tech firms is brainstorming. We all sit together in the meeting room and pump out new ideas, discussing and debating at the same time. This way not only we solve a design problem faster but we also end up having an innovative solution that was completely unexpected. But now brainstorming can be done with the help of a new feature from Dropbox called Paper.

Dropbox Paper is new and free feature for all Dropbox users. Using Paper teams can collaborate with all the members in real time over the internet. If you login to your Dropbox account in your web browser, you will find the new Paper option in the left side menu.

Dropbox Paper

You can start the document (Paper) with a title and first idea. The title should be about what you are going to talk about and the first idea is for starting all the people into a particular direction of thought. For adding your ideas, you are given a simple editor that allows you to add lists, code, pictures, media, to-do lists, tables and more. Media can be added from many of the popular apps like Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, YouTube etc.

Dropbox Paper

Before others start collaborating with you and add their ideas, they need to be invited. You can click on the Invite button near top-right corner, enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite, choose whether they can edit the document and then invite them through an email message. You can also send a link directly to all the people that you want to invite, but this method has edit option enabled by default.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a great way to collaborate with team members when working on a project. It makes brainstorming easier for everyone. It is available both through the web browser interface of Dropbox and from the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

You can try Dropbox Paper by visiting https://paper.dropbox.com/.