FalconX Centers Taskbar Icons with Animations in Windows 10

If you have switched from macOS to Windows or you have to use a Windows computer at work, then you might end up missing the centered icons in the dock of macOS desktop. Because the Windows desktop has left aligned icons in the taskbar. If you want the taskbar icons to be positioned in the middle, then you can make use of the FalconX software.

FalconX is a small portable tool that is able to place your icons in the center of the taskbar. It is available both from the Windows 10 app store and also from the author’s website. The version available from the author’s website is portable and does not require any installation. For using FalconX, you must have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 installed in your Windows 10 PC. All versions of Windows 10 after and including version 1803 have no problem running FalconX.


As soon as you launch FalconX, it will center all the icons in the taskbar and then place its own icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. You can right-click on this icon to set offset value (to move the Start button into the center) or to change the animation type (acceleration, critical damping, ease in ease out, deceleration, linear). There is a refresh button that relaunches FalconX and the icons are refreshed to be centered once again in the taskbar.

FalconX does not support multiple-screen configurations. It will work only on the primary screen to center the icons and other screens will not be affected with the centering of the icons feature. The author Chris Andriessen has released the source code of this beautiful application on GitHub (https://github.com/ChrisAnd1998/FalconX). It is developed using Visual Basic .NET and if you want to modify it, then you can do so very easily (of course, you have to know a little about .NET programming).

You can download FalconX from https://chrisandriessen.nl/web/FalconX.html.