How to Backup Instagram Data on pCloud Cloud Storage

pCloud is a cloud storage service provider located in Switzerland – a country known for strong user privacy laws. Unlike other similar cloud providers that offer annual or monthly subscription plans, pCloud offers lifetime plans – you can pay $350 and get 2TB cloud data storage for life. As if that is not enough, pCloud also offers many other exciting features like backing up data from other cloud accounts including Dropbox, Google Drive or You can also backup the images and videos from your social networking accounts (Facebook and Instagram) to your pCloud storage.

Here is how you can backup your Instagram data to pCloud:

  1. In your desktop web browser, visit and login to your pCloud account.
  2. Navigate to the file manager section for pCloud (
  3. When it shows you the file manager, click on Backups on the left side.Backup Instagram on pCloud
  4. Click on the Start button shown next to Instagram.
  5. A new window will open up where you have to authorize pCloud to access Instagram account. You may have to login to your Instagram account for this step.Backup Instagram on pCloud
  6. Now everything is set. pCloud will automatically backup all of your pictures and videos from your Instagram account.

Once you have followed above steps, pCloud will routinely check your Instagram account for new posts and backup those to your pCloud storage. You can view the last time backup task was executed, how many folders were backed up, when the task will be executed the next time and so on. You can find the backups inside “Social Networking” sub-folder of your pCloud storage.

Backup Instagram on pCloud

Just like Instagram account data, you can also backup your Facebook data on pCloud. You can also backup data from your other cloud accounts like Dropbox,, Google Drive etc. One benefit of backing up your Instagram data is that if your Instagram account gets locked for some reason, you will still have all of your data for your use.