How to Add a Second Phone Number in Skype

Skype is leading VoIP app for mobile devices as well as for desktop computers. You can buy credit in Skype to make phone calls to any mobile phone or landline phone worldwide. This helps people who have to often travel to other countries for business. Instead of depending on local landline phones in a foreign country, you can call anyone in the world using Skype as long as you have a WiFi connection which is usually available in all the hotel rooms.

Skype also allows you to add a second phone number to your Skype account so that when people call that number, you can receive it in your Skype app. Similarly any SMS text messages sent to this second phone number are also received in your Skype app. You can add this second number easily like this:

  1. Launch Skype app in your smartphone and tap on your profile picture on top.
  2. When it shows some basic information, tap on the Skype Number under “Manage” category.Skype Get Second Phone Number
  3. You will be taken to Skype website and you have to choose a country from where the phone number should be selected. You can select any country from a big list of countries.
  4. A randomly picked number from that country will be displayed, you can change the number by picking a local region in that country. For example, you can choose Los Angeles, California or Salt Lake City, Utah for a random US number.Skype Get Second Phone Number
  5. Next screen will show how much you have to pay for this new number. Usually you have to pay monthly but if you want this number for long, then you can apply for quarterly or annually. Payment is made through a credit card or debit card, but depending on your country of residence different payment methods might be available.Skype Get Second Phone Number
  6. After the payment, this new number will be allotted to you, you can see it in your Skype profile and start using right away. You can give it to your friends, coworkers, acquaintances and have it printed on your business cards.