Lens Distortions : Android App for Special Image Effects

Before uploading and sharing your latest pictures with others you should do a little bit of editing to make your pictures look more stylish. This can be done using a full features software like GIMP or you can use a much easier-to-use app like Lens Distortions. As the name of the app makes it clear, this app uses special effects that usually arise due to lens elements such as light spots, light shimmers, light rings and so on.

Lens Distortions is very simple to use. You have to select your photo from the phone storage and immediately after you can start applying photo effects. In order to apply these effects, you can select one of the effects from the list. There are many types of effects available such as classic light hits, principle light hits, luminary, legacy, fog, rain, classic snow, ethereal snow, shimmer and eclipse.

All of these effects are displayed in a gallery style view which makes it very easy for you to select or compare them. Each of these effects has many different effects in the gallery. You simply have to tap on one of the effects and it will be applied on to your photo.

Lens Distortions

The app works the same way as GIMP or any other layer based photo editor software. It puts a layer containing the effects over the original picture. You can move this layer around to change the location of the effects on your picture. You can add more than one layers to add multiple effects to your pictures. If you are not happy with the result then you can simply delete these layers to remove the effects.

For all the effects, you can change the properties like softness, brightness, opacity, contrast, saturation, color, and can also flip the effects horizontally or vertically. When you are satisfied with the picture, you can save the picture as JPG image.

You can get Lens Distortions app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lensdistortions.ld.