Mini Diary : Cross-Platform and Secure Journal App

Mini Diary is a small, password-protected journal app available for all the major desktop operating systems like Windows, Linux and macOS. It is designed using the electron framework that allows a developer to use web development technologies for the desktop apps. It allows you to both import and export your journal entries in various formats.

Mini Diary is available as a setup installer but it can also be used as a portable app. When you launch Mini Diary for the very first time, you have to set a password. You should pick a good strong password so that nobody can guess and unlock your secrets that you are going to write in your private diary.

Mini Diary

In the Mini Diary interface, you can select a day from the calendar shown on the left to read the entries made on that day. You can make new entries only for the current day. For the entries, you can set a title and type in all of your thoughts like you would usually do in a diary. It offers some basic editing tools like adding bullet lists, adding numbered lists, making text bold or italic.

Mini Diary

It allows you to export the entries in various formats such as JSON file, markdown text file, PDF document, or plain-text TXT file. You can also import diary entries from other programs into Mini Diary. You are able to import many different file types such as JSON and TXT. The export and import features can be accessed from the menubar.

Mini Diary

In the preferences of Mini Diary, you can choose a theme (dark or light), you can choose to allow new entries for the future, you can move the diary file to a different location, and you can change your diary’s password. You can lock the diary by choosing File → Lock Diary from the menubar.

Mini Diary

Mini Diary is very convenient and simple diary app that comes with encryption and password-protection. It allows export and import of data from other similar journal apps.

You can download Mini Diary from

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