PDF Replacer : Batch Replace Text in PDF Documents

PDF documents can be created easily from within Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer easily. And if you have installed a virtual PDF printer in Windows, you can basically save any document into PDF files using this virtual printer. In fact, Windows 10 comes with such a virtual printer, but if you want many more features than perhaps you may need an advanced virtual PDF printer like BullZip virtual PDF printer.

But if you later need to make changes to a PDF document you will need the original source document such as Word document, make changes in it and then export it as PDF file. However, if you want to make changes in a PDF document without having the original source document, then you can use PDF Replacer.

PDF Replacer is a free tool that can replace text in any PDF document. Of course, it won’t work in PDF documents containing only scanned images of documents because those documents do not have any text inside them. It has a simple to follow user interface. You can simply drag-n-drop all of the PDF documents on its window to add them to the list.

PDF Replacer

The second step is to create a replacement list in which you have to add source phrase and its replacement phrase. You can add as many source-and-replacement phrases as you want. You have to select a destination folder where the modified PDF documents are placed. As you click on the Start Now button, it will perform the editing, text-replacing and create new PDF documents in the selected folder.

PDF Replacer

In the settings of PDF Replacer, you can define the font used for the text in the newly created PDF documents. You can select one of the fonts to be used from a limited list of fonts given. You can also force the text to be bold, italic, underlined, strike-through etc.

PDF Replacer

PDF Replacer allows you to quickly replace text in multiple PDF documents at once in the batch mode. It is suitable if you do not have the original source documents for creating PDF files or you do not have time to individually modify many PDF documents.

You can download PDF Replacer from https://pdfreplacer.com/.