AI Portraits : Turn Your Photographs into 15th Century Portraits

Artificial intelligence powered web app “AI Portraits” is able to create your portraits using the data collected from your digital photographs. The portraits it creates look like the ones created by the famous artists from the 15th century European artists. The web app is powered by artificial intelligence using GAN (generative adversarial network) that has scanned and analyzed over 45000 portrait images. Using this data and your photograph it can create a very realistic portrait.

In order to try this web app, you can visit their website and click on the camera image. After this you have to select an image file from your computer. You can select image files of types PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP. Ideally, you should select an image showing your face clearly but AI can create portraits from almost all types of images. Almost instantly, it will generate a portrait from your uploaded image and display it in the web browser.

AI Portraits

Since 15th century artists used a number of painting methods and material (oil color, water color, charcoal etc), it depends on the artificial intelligence to decide which methods and material combination will be good for your photograph. We tried uploading the same image many times, but it creates the exact same portrait each time without any variation.

AI Portraits

You can download the portrait in the JPEG image format to your computer, you can download the dual pictures (original image and generate picture together) in the JPEG format. You can also share your portrait over Twitter. And if you want, you can start over by uploading a new photograph once again to AI Portraits.

AI Portraits

As far as the user privacy is concerned, all of your uploaded images are not stored on AI Portraits servers and according a notice displayed, it deletes these images immediately after generating a portrait from them. In the description of how AI generates the portraits, it mentions that AI is unable to generate smiles so none of the portraits will have smiles. Perhaps in the future, they will train the AI to add smiles as well.

You can visit to try generating your 15th-century Renaissance-era portrait yourself.


    1. It has been rumored that their servers have croaked under the heavy traffic. Perhaps they will return in few days or weeks.

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