R-Photo : Free Photo and Video Recovery Software for Windows

It often happens that we store all the pictures and videos that we love on our hard drives and then just through an accidental keystroke all of your files could get deleted. Once you have lost your media files, you might not realize it until next time you are looking for these files. But you can easily recover these files using a special data recovery software like R-Photo.

R-Photo is a free photo and video recovery software for Windows. Unlike some other data recovery software it is specially designed for recovery of media files (pictures and videos). It is ideal for recovery of your lost media files from the SD cards that you use in your digital cameras or smartphones.


The software should not be installed on the same hard drive or partition from which you want to recovery the media files. After launching the R-Photo software, you have to first select a storage device. Once the storage device is selected, it will begin to scan that selected storage device for deleted pictures and videos. The deleted pictures are very soon displayed along with their thumbnails in one tab and the videos files are displayed in another tab.


The files can be displayed in tiles view, tree view or details view format. However, if you cannot file the files that you were looking for, then you may want to choose Deep scan which takes a very long time to scan the selected storage device but can find many more deleted files.

You can select the pictures or videos that you wish to recover and click on the Recovery files button. You will have to choose a destination folder to save these files, and you should not choose the same partition from where you are recovering these files.


R-Photo data recovery software also comes with a shredder. You can right-click on a deleted file and add it to shredder so that it is destroyed further in such a manner that it can no longer be recovered by any data recovery software.

You can download R-Photo software for photo and video recovery from https://www.r-undelete.com/free_photo_recovery/.