Turn Smartphone into Digital Clock with Alarm Clock Free

All smartphones, whether running on Android or iOS or some other proprietary operating system, come with some sort of clock and alarm built inside. But this is usually not very appealing in terms of looks and features. This is why many people who travel for business or for fun use a separate alarm clock that acts both as a bed-side clock and alarm to help you wake up in the morning.

But now you can turn your smartphone into a very nice looking digital clock with alarm and snooze features easily through the Alarm Clock Free app. This app has the digital LED design commonly found in small digital alarm clocks and has the same exact features. Here are some of the features of Alarm Clock Free app:

  • Green large LED style clock
  • Clock displays time with weekdays
  • Alarm can be snoozed for a few minutes
  • Multiple sounds to be used for alarm
  • When charger is connected, smartphone screen always stays on
  • Screen can be dimmed when sleeping

Alarm Clock Free

After the installation of Alarm Clock Free app, you can simply launch it and your smartphone will now start working as a regular digital clock and alarm. In order to set it as bed side clock, you have to tilt your phone side ways (horizontal position) and put in on a phone stand or phone holder (you can get these very cheap on Amazon or eBay). When on battery, the clock screen will turn off after 10 minutes. If you want to keep the screen on always, then simply connect the charger cable to your phone.

Alarm Clock Free

The alarm can be set easily from the clock screen itself. You can choose various settings like the time for the alarm, whether you want to repeat the alarm everyday (repeating is useful if you want to use alarm for waking up in the morning daily), and there are dozens of sounds to be chosen from for the alarm.

Alarm Clock Free is a really nice looking, visually appealing digital clock and alarm for Android smartphones. It looks like a real green LED clock works great if you have a phone stand or holder.

You can get Alarm Clock Free for Android smartphones from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ihandysoft.alarmclock.