How to Enable Notifications on Android Lockscreen

Android smartphones display notifications of all sorts on the lockscreen. For example, when you receive email messages they are displayed on the lockscreen, when you receive text messages they are displayed on the lockscreen, when someone contacts you on Skype they are displayed on lockscreen and so on. This is really useful because you do not have to unlock the smartphone and check the specific apps in order to know when you receive these messages.

But if you try to enable a different kinds of lockscreen security such as PIN, fingerprint, face recognition, password etc, then during the setup process you might end up disabling the notifications for the lockscreen. If that happens, you won’t see any notifications regarding any new email messages, text messages, Instagram updates or Skype calls on the lockscreen. Here is how you can easily reverse it and enable notifications on Android lockscreen once again:

  1. Open Android settings (tap on the cogwheel icon that says “Settings” in the apps drawer).
  2. Tap on Notifications and then on the cogwheel icon on the top-right corner of the Notifications screen.Enable Android Lockscreen Notifications
  3. Notification configuration options will be displayed on the next screen, tap on “Don’t show notifications at all” and then select Show all notification content.Enable Android Lockscreen Notifications
  4. This is it, from now on your Android smartphone will display all the notifications on the lockscreen.

If you do not want to display notifications from certain apps, then you can also manage this from the Notifications settings. For example, you can disable messages from Facebook or Instagram from being displayed on the lockscreen (because these two apps keep pumping out messages every second). Similarly, you can disable the notifications from all the apps in the method described above, if you do not want to be bothered by all the incoming messages during your work.

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