Add Any Website as Search Engine in Firefox for Android

If there is a website that you use very often to search for something, then perhaps you have wished that it had a search engine to be added in your web browser. Fortunately, the good developers working at Mozilla know this and they have added a unique feature using which you can add the search box of any website in Firefox but it is available only for mobile devices. Firefox for Android allows you to add any website that has a search box as one of the search engines. You can then search that website directly from Firefox address bar.

Here is how you can add any website as search engine in Firefox browser for Android:

  1. Launch Firefox browser in your Android device.
  2. Navigate to the website that you want to add as a search engine in Firefox. This website must have some sort of search box or search options. For example, you can find the search box near the top of our website (
  3. Long-tap on the search box until an option Add Search Engine pops up. Tap on Add Search Engine to proceed.Add Any Website as Search Engine in Firefox for Android
  4. You will be shown a small dialog box where you can pick a name for this new search engine. By default, Firefox uses the website name for the search engine, but you can customize it to anything you want. Tap on OK to confirm the name of this search engine.
  5. Now that you have added a new search engine, you can check it in the Firefox settings. For this, you have to open Firefox settings, then select Search and you will see the newly added search engine in the list of all the search engines. You can make it your default search engine if you want.Add Any Website as Search Engine in Firefox for Android

Firefox makes it easy to add any website’s search box as a search engine in the web browser. You do not have to depend on any add-ons or extensions to achieve this simple result.