Change Tab Titles in Mozilla Firefox Web Browser for Any Website

When you open a website in any web browser, the title of the  tab in which that website is opened adopts the website’s title. In the HTML code of that website, this title is specified inside the <title> tag. For example, if you open the DuckDuckGo search engine in your web browser, the tab’s title will become – “DuckDuckGo — Privacy, simplified.” and it cannot be changed by the user.

But if you want to make the tab easily identifiable using a shorter and easier title of your own, then you can make use of the “Tab ReTitle” extension for the Firefox web browser. This extension allows you to quickly set any title to any tab for any website. There could be an exception where the website developers have added code to change the tab title as soon as it is changed.

Tab ReTitle for Firefox

In order to change the tab title, you can right-click anywhere on the website and select Set Temporary Title from the context-menu. After this, it will ask you to enter the new title in a small dialog box. You can enter the title and as soon as you click on the OK button, it will change the title.

Tab ReTitle for Firefox

The new title will replace the old or the original title of the opened website. But as the right-click menu suggests, it is only a temporary change. As soon as you reload that website, the new title will disappear and the original title of the website will appear as the title of the tab once again.

Tab ReTitle for Firefox

But Tab ReTitle can also change the title for a website for a longer time so that no matter when you open that website, its title is automatically changed. For this, you will have to click on the “Tab ReTitle” icon in the toolbar, enter the new title and choose an option – only this time (temporary), set for this tab (for tab not for domain), only exact match (for exact URL), or set for this domain (for all URLs from a website).

Tab ReTitle for Firefox

Using the Tab ReTitle extension for Firefox, you can easily change the titles of websites as they are displayed in various open tabs in Firefox browser. It is useful if you want to give a tab an easy-to-recognize title so that you can locate that tab from along dozens of other tabs.

You can get the Tab ReTitle extension for Mozilla Firefox web browser from

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