Auto-Install Latest AMD Radeon Drivers with ATIc Install Tool

If you are a serious PC gamer with an impressive gaming PC hardware setup, then you already have all the juice needed to play any of the latest games. But if you want to make the most of your expensive gaming rig, then you should regularly update the GPU, sound and other drivers. Keeping your GPU drivers up-to-date ensures that you have no vulnerability and best possible optimizations for your hardware.

As far as AMD Radeon series of GPU are concerned, you do not have to manually download the drivers and install them. Instead you can automate the whole driver installation or updating of the drivers using a free tool called ATIc Install Tool.

ATIc Install Tool is a small portable program that can be used to download and install AMD Radeon series graphics card drivers. This program makes everything very simple – you do not even have to visit the AMD support website. The user interface of the program is divided into two parts – one for downloading drivers and second for the installation of the downloaded drivers.

In the first portion (downloading drivers), you can choose the the version of the drivers to be downloaded and the version of Windows for which you want to download these drivers. From the list you can choose the type of drivers you want to download – main AMD Radeon WHQL drivers, some options drivers, and other chipset drivers. At the minimum, you have to download AMD Radeon WHQL drivers for the GPU to work at its best. You can choose a folder for download and click on the Start Download button to start the downloading.

ATIc Install Tool

One the drivers have been downloaded, you can switch to the second section for installation. Here you can choose from three types of the installation modes – normal mode, unattended mode, or silent mode.  You can choose to hide the welcome screen and auto-accept the EULA. And the program allows you to run the setup in the installation mode (to install drivers) or the uninstallation mode (to remove drivers from your system).

Portable ATIc Install Tool is a great time saver when you want to quickly download and install the latest AMD Radeon drivers. It can perform automated silent installations without bothering the user to take any steps.

You can download ATIc Install Tool from