Check Email Messages in Browser Toolbar with GMX MailCheck Extension

Long before Google came into existence, there were other big players in the field of email services such as Hotmail, AOL, Netscape and MSN. Some of these provided free email services but most were paid services. Some of the email services providers have disappeared into thin air, but major players like Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail are still going strong. If you have email accounts on these services and want to access them along with your new accounts then you can hop from one webmail website to another or you can use a free browser extension for GMX called GMX MailCheck.

GMX MailCheck is available for both Chrome and Firefox web browsers. As you can guess, this extension is designed mainly for the GMX email accounts. But you can also add other email accounts and access them all from this extension. After this extension has been installed, it will show up in a small window where you will have to login to your GMX email account. Without a GMX account, you won’t be able to use it.

GMX MailCheck

Once you have successfully signed into your GMX account, you can see all of your email messages in the small window. You can also add other email accounts such as GMail, etc. When they have been added and permissions are given to the added email accounts, it will starts to fetch new messages from all of the added email inboxes. When you receive new email messages, the count appears in its toolbar icon and it makes a sound to audibly alert you. You can click on this icon to view a small list of all the new email messages.

GMX MailCheck

GMX MailCheck makes it very convenient for you to keep checking your new email messages from a number of web mail accounts. It has support for many different web mail accounts such as, Gmail, Yahoo and others.

You can get the GMX MailCheck extension for your web browsers from and