Split Large PDF Files into Smaller Ones with Aiseesoft Free PDF Splitter

Have you have ever wondered why Britannica Encyclopedia books are split into so many volumes? Because if they put all the information in one huge book, it will become very cumbersome piece of encyclopedia. In addition, it will also be inconvenient when you are looking up for something because you will have to turn thousands of pages to locate the topic of your interest. The same logic applies to very large PDF files.

If you have a large PDF document having thousands of pages, then it becomes very difficult to access it both in terms of opening the PDF file in your computer as it will consume more system resources, and in terms of finding the portion of the PDF document that you want to read. To make things easier and convenient, you can split a large PDF document into smaller PDF files that you can readily access whenever you want.

Aiseesoft Free PDF Splitter can take a large PDF and divide its pages into smaller PDF files of your specified size. It has a single window interface from where you can choose all these options. First of all you have to select the large PDF that you want to split into smaller ones. Then you can choose the splitting options – how many pages to be split, split by bookmark, split by page ranges to a single PDF file, split by page ranges to multiple PDF files, or just split the big PDF file into a number of smaller PDF files each having same number of pages.

Aiseesoft PDF Splitter

After choosing an output folder, you can click on the Split button and it will instantly split the large PDF document. The time taken in the process depends on the size of the large PDF document. In the end, you will be shown a successful message and given an option whether you want to open the output folder.

Aiseesoft PDF Splitter

Aiseesoft Free PDF Splitter offers a very fast way of splitting a huge PDF document into many smaller PDF files. It offers tons of options and creates PDF documents that can be opened or printed in all the PDF viewing applications.

You can download Aiseesoft Free PDF Splitter from https://www.aiseesoft.com/pdf-splitter/.