Epic Games Store Gives Away Puzzle Game FEZ

FEZ is an old fashioned 8-bit puzzle game for Windows and macOS. In this game, you play Gomez – a 2D creature living in a 2D world. One day he receives a magical hat FEZ after wearing which he starts to see another dimension and is introduced to the 3D world. You will find that FEZ is the sort of hat that Disney’s Aladin wears. He discovers that his 2D world is just one of the four sides of the 3D world. Now he has to solve the puzzles by switching back and forth between the four sides of the 3D world.

Because Gomez has no experience of the 3D world, he explores the 3D world using his 2D experience – one side at a time. So now you have to explore the 3D world by switching to one 2D side at a time and solve all the puzzles in the same way. On the screen, you will never see the 3D world and have to find your way through the 2-dimensional strategies.

FEZ Puzzle Game

FEZ is not like any other 2D games where you encounter enemies, weapons and may even lose lives. In this game, you just have to focus on your goal without worrying about enemies or loss of life. The puzzles become harder with new levels and you are introduced to new objects as the game proceeds.

And now FEZ is being given away by Epic Games Store. The game normally costs USD3.99 but now you can get it for free. The giveaway starts on 22nd of August and will continue till 29th August 2019. In order to claim this puzzle game, you can either search for FEZ in your Epic Games client installed in your PC, or you can visit the link provided by us at the bottom.

You can claim your free copy of FEZ by visiting https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/fez/home.