TED Notepad : Free Lightweight Alternative for Windows Notepad

Microsoft has been busy taking all the classic programs from Windows and turning them into apps that can be downloaded from Microsoft Store. The classic set of card games (Hearts, Solitaire etc) and the games that were introduced in Windows XP (Checkers, Backgammon etc) have been subjected to this treatment. Does it really help the Windows users when they are forced to download a very well known program from the Microsoft Store? Maybe not, but it is the new thing with Windows and chances are that Notepad will also face a similar fate soon.

When your favorite text editor Windows Notepad has gone the way of dodo bird and its close relative is available from Microsoft Store, it is natural that people will look for easier-to-use and lightweight alternatives. And its not just Notepad++, there are so many Notepad replacements available today, for example, TED Notepad. It is a free Notepad replacement and it is very very easy on your system resources.

TED Notepad

TED Notepad is available both in a setup installer package and as a standalone portable program. It does not have any additional requirements and runs right out of the box. According to the developer, it has more than 300 different innovative new features that you won’t find in the classic Windows Notepad – text editing, search & replace, hotkeys, auto-completion, smart clipboard, move text from one place to another, and many more.

Designed using the KISS (keep it simple silly) ideology, it keeps everything minimal but surprises the user with a surplus of the features. At first it looks just like Notepad and you might mistake it as another newbie attempt at text editor. But when you start using it, more and more features are revealed to you and you start to believe in its powerful editing features.

You can download TED Notepad from http://jsimlo.sk/notepad/.