eToolz : Most Common Internet Tools in One Package

As a web developer and blogger, so many times I have to check the ping replies and domain name information for the websites that I am working on. For network problems troubleshooting we also need some of these tools. Your operating system like Linux or Window comes with some of these tools (like ping and nslookup), but for some other tools you have to search the internet (for example domain information lookup). If like me, you also have to use these tools very often, then you can use eToolz which is a pack of all the common tools for troubleshooting or examining the local network, internet or websites.

eToolz is small portable software that comes with the most useful network tools such as whois, traceroute and DNS lookup. The software is unfortunately designed using very old version of .NET framework and you will have to install .NET 2.0 in your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC before you can use it.


As you launch eToolz it asks you where to store the local settings files. If you want to make it a portable installation, you should choose to store the files in the application directory. This option is ideal if you plan to use eToolz from your pen-drive or USB flash drive. If you work in the network management field, then this tool can be very handy in your everyday use and carrying it in a USB pen-drive will be a good idea.


eToolz presents a tabbed user interface and under each tab, you can find a different tool – DNS, Ping, MultiPing, Trace, Whois, Mail-Check, Header Analyzer, HTTP-Header, Time, Lists and, Local Host. All these tools need no explanation for someone who has been working with networks for a while. For example, DNS tab can be used to find DNS information for a domain name, IP address or hostname.


Ping and MultiPing tools are used to ping an IP address or host and IP address range respectively. Trace can be used to trace the internet route path of a domain or IP address. You can use Whois to find more about a domain name, hostname or IP address. We can also check email addresses for validity, check network adapter information and HTTP headers for URLs.

You can download eToolz from