Check if Your Personal Data Has Been Stolen with Identity Leak Checker

Every now and then you hear the news that some hacking group or an anonymous hacker has dumped a huge list of usernames and passwords on the internet. Such data leaks or data dump contain millions of user credentials and one of these could be yours too. If you want to check whether your personal data has been stolen in such data leak incidents, then you can make use of HPI Identity Leak Checker.

Using the HPI Identity Leak Checker, you can examine whether your personal data such as your email address, your name, your residential address, your mobile number, your date of birth or even your bank account information has been leaked for everyone to see and possibly misused for malicious purposes.

In order to use Identity Leak Checker, you can just visit their website and enter your email address. As soon as you click on the Check email address button, it will start looking for your email address in all the available data leaks. When it has completed the search (usually takes less than a few seconds), it will send you an email message containing the results.

HPI Identity Leak Checker

If you are lucky, you will receive an email message containing no detection. But in my case, I received a shocking email message containing 11 instances of data leaks containing my email address. Some of these leaks go as far back as 2012 and some of them are as fresh as January of this year.

Along with the name of the service for which you have been using your email address, date of the data leak, whether data leak has been verified by the respective organization and what type of the personal data has been leaked (username, password, address, date of birth, IP address used to access that service etc).

HPI Identity Leak Checker

HPI Identity Leak Checker also gives you a very good suggestion that you should quickly change the passwords of any services that have been affected. If any of these services allow two-step authentication, then you should enable that too.

You can visit HPI Identity Leak Checker website at