Forest App Helps You Stay Focused on Work and Avoid Distractions

Some people just cannot let the smartphone go and keep using it non-stop all the time no matter where they are. They have an addiction to the smartphones and an addiction of the internet. They are always eager to find who has retweeted, what others have tweeted, and how to reply to their tweets in a most unique manner. It could be social networks or gaming sites or video streaming websites that have basically enslaved you and take all of your time.

Now you can free yourself from this grip of the smartphone and internet addiction using a very innovative approach offered by the Forest app. This Forest app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can also use its Firefox add-on on your desktop computers. In all its forms it encourages you to focus on your most important work at hand and prevents you from engaging in online time wasters like Facebook and Twitter.

You can begin by tapping on the tree graphic which gives you 30 minutes of time. By tapping on the tree picture, you are virtually planting a seed in the forest. The seed sprouts up and starts to grow. In next 30 minutes, this seed will turn into a fully grown large tree. However, if you try to access any time-wasting website or app, then this tree will wither away.

Forest : Stay Focused

Your goal is to let the tree grow into a big tree. And the only way to do this is to stay focused on your work for 30 minutes. You can plant another seed if you want more motivation. In the settings of the Forest app, you can define which websites are to be blacklisted. These blacklisted websites will cause the tree to wither and you have to avoid these sites in order to stay focused.

Forest : Stay Focused

Forest app is a twist on the reward psychology (you get rewarded at the end of doing something). This not only motivates us to work in the present time, but it also trains out brain to follow the same pattern in the future too. Using the Forest app, you can turn yourself into a much more efficient worker and get rid of your internet addictions.

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