Clean Junk Files with Omni Remover for macOS

If you want to keep your Mac in shape, then you have to get rid of those junk files and unnecessary apps that build up in your system over a prolonged period of time. Cleaning these things from your Mac not only improves its performance but also recovers so much valuable free space. You can manually go from one part of Mac to another, jumping from one setting to another in order to clean the unwanted files and apps. But if you want to save your time and run the cleaning much more efficiently then you can use a tool called Omni Remover.

Developed by MiniCreo, Omni Remover is the Swiss Army Knife for your Mac. It packs all the usually desired features in one place – system cleaner, app uninstaller, extension cleaner, app purger, and many other useful tools. All of these tools can be easily accessed from a very nicely designed user interface.

The Mac Clean section of Omni Remover offers complete cleanup of your Mac. You begin by running a scan of your system for things like accumulated cache junk, broken logins, redundant language files, orphaned apps leftover files, internet browser junk, unwanted language junk and so on. According to the developer, it is able to scan and remove more than twenty different types of junk files.

Omni Remover for macOS

Omni Remover offers intelligent apps removal. Usually when you uninstall an app in macOS, it removes just the app and leaves behind all the files generated by that app. Omni Remover is able to find these leftover files, allows you to make a selection and remove them.

While most of the apps behave well and can be removed easily. Some of the stubborn apps are very difficult to remove. To address this problem Omni Remover offers another tool called Power Uninstall. This tool uses special maneuvers to remove all the files associated with the stubborn apps and gets rid of them permanently.

With the new versions of macOS, your older 32-bit apps do not work anymore. It shows an incompatibility messages when you try to run such apps. Using the App Purge feature of Omni Remover, you can remove 32-bit apps, app leftovers, unknown devs and custom apps.

Omni Remover also comes with several other tools such as app reset (to reset apps to their default settings), Sketch clean (to clean the storage of Sketch), extension cleaner and more. It has everything that any mac owner will need to keep their Mac running smoothly and performing optimally.

You can download Omni Remover for macOS from