How to Manually Record Phone Calls in Android

When you receive unwanted phone calls and the callers does not stop harassing you even after you explicitly tell them not to call you again, then the only recourse is turn the matter over to the police or some other law enforcement agencies. But you cannot go to the police without any solid evidence of harassment. If you contact the police officers with a recording of the phone calls, then you will have a much stronger case against the culprits.

Fortunately recording phone calls is extremely easy in an Android smartphone. Here is how you can quickly record a phone call in your Android smartphone without having to install any software or app:

  1. Wait for the phone conversation to start and when the phone screen displays the usual call screen, tap on the menu graphic (it looks like three vertical dots or ellipses).Record Phone Calls in Android
  2. From the menu that is displayed, select Record Call. Now it will start recording the phone call – this is why you have to be quick or you will be miss recording first few seconds of the phone conversation.
  3. When you have finished the phone call (hanged up the phone), the recording will automatically stop. You will be shown a notification regarding the phone recording and given options to play or rename the phone recording file.Record Phone Calls in Android
  4. If you later want to find where these recording files are saved and want to play them, then you can find them all in the recording folder on your memory card or internal storage of the phone.

These steps are described for the AOSP version of Android. But different smartphone manufacturers might modify the code and the steps might not work as explained above. For example, ASUS Zen smartphones have a different phone caller app with different options but the recording option is still there.