DownThemAll : Download Manager for Firefox Quantum

Before Firefox Quantum (Firefox version 57 and above) was released, DownThemAll was one of the most popular and most downloaded Firefox extensions. It provided all the features of a good download manager right-inside your Firefox web browser. For example, you could multiple files at the same and each file could be downloaded in multiple fragments to make downloads faster.

Like many other extensions, DownThemAll stopped working with Firefox Quantum, but now the developers behind this extension have finally updated it to work with Firefox Quantum. Now you can install it in Firefox Quantum browser and use this awesome download manager once again.

Newly updated DownThemAll extension for Firefox is in beta mode and not yet available from the Mozilla Firefox add-ons website, but you can get it from the developer’s website and install it in Firefox. There are some changes in the old 3.x version of DownThemAll and the new 4.x version. Unlike the older version, new version does not support fragmented downloads of the files.

DownThemAll for Firefox Quantum

Like before, you can right-click on any webpage and choose to download the links on a website, download a link from your clipboard, or launch download manager. The “download all the links” feature allows you to download all the files from a webpage using filters such as download JPEG images, download videos etc.

DownThemAll for Firefox Quantum

The download manager of DownThemAll allows you to add new downloads using links from the clipboard or from the “download all the links” feature. You can set the download priorities, you can change the download links, you can pause and restart downloads, just like you would in any decent download manager software.

DownThemAll for Firefox Quantum

In the options for DownThemAll, you can changes options related to the user interface, download manager, and queuing of the downloads. By default, it allows only four concurrent downloads, but you can change this limit from the network section of the settings. Under filters, you can customize which type of file formats should be added under which filter label. For example, “Image Files” filter contains JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and ICO files.

DownThemAll for Firefox Quantum

Firefox users including myself are very happy to see the comeback of this popular extension. It is still in beta mode but it is working flawlessly. There are some differences between version 3.x (pre-Quantum era) and the new version, but it allows you to manage downloads just like before.

You can download and install new updated DownThemAll extension for Firefox Quantum from

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