Instantly Boost Bass of Any Website with Bass Boost for Chrome

After buying a good set of headphones or Bluetooth speakers, the first thing you want to do is test it with loud music. And if you can find music with good bass then you can really see how good those headphones are. You can now boost bass of music being played on any website inside the Google Chrome web browser using the Boost Bass extension.

After installing this extension, you simply have to visit any website where music or videos can be played. It could be Netflix, it could be Hulu, it could be vimeo or any other website. In order to boost the bass on any tab in Chrome, now you can click on the Boost Bass icon in the toolbar and then enable it using the Bass Boost this Tab toggle button.

Bass Boost for Chrome

In addition to using the toolbar icon, you can also use the hotkey CMD+B if you are using a Mac. There is no equivalent for this hotkey for Windows or Linux users. When you enable Bass Boost for a tab, it picks a default bass profile. But you can pick one of the other profiles from the drop-down list such as high, very high, insane, custom and, chipmunks. You can really hear the bass coming through your speakers when it is set to very high bass level.

Bass Boost for Chrome

If you do not like any of these bass profiles, then you can pick the custom profile. You can now change the bass level using a slider control. You can change the bass boost from level 0 to level 100 using this method. You should keep the bass below 70 if you do not have very good set of speakers or headphones.

Bass Boost for Chrome

Using the Bass Boost, you can enjoy music or music videos with an ear throbbing bass. It is an essential Chrome browser extension for all the music lovers. We recommend using Sennheiser, JBL or Skullcandy headphones to get the most out of your music.

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