S3 Browser : Manage Amazon S3 and CloudFront Accounts

Amazon provides one of the best online storage services in the world called Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3 in short. It can be used to store your data files and access them from anywhere using a number of methods. Amazon uses the same storage for their Amazon e-commerce website and apps. You can integrate Amazon S3 with your website and empower your websites with their powerful storage infrastructure.

Amazon S3 can be accessed using their web browser interface easily, but if you want an FTP client like interface then you can use a free software called S3 Browser. It is an easy-to-use Amazon S3 client for Windows computers. You can add multiple accounts to the S3 Browser. All of your S3 accounts and the buckets inside them (buckets are specific regions in an S3 account for storing your files and you can have many buckets in your S3 account for different types of files) can be accessed from the same place.

S3 Browser

All of your buckets in you S3 account are displayed in the user interface and you can even create new buckets. You can copy files between your computer and buckets easily. You can even copy files across different buckets or different Amazon S3 accounts. You can also set file access for various groups of files.

When you are copying files between your S3 account and your computer, you will be informed by S3 Browser that it can transfer files faster if you upgrade to the Pro version which is a paid version of S3 Browser. But the free version is also very fast and can process very large files in a matter of minutes.

If you have an Amazon S3 account then S3 Browser can make things easier for you when you have to manage S3 storage files using a familiar FTP client like interface.

You can download S3 Browser from http://s3browser.com/.