MyKeyFinder Displays Product Keys Stored in Windows Registry

When you buy commercial software, it usually stores the product key (or license key) information in the Windows registry. In case you have lost the registration information, you can still find the product keys from the Windows Registry. Unfortunately, it is a very hard thing to do manually as some of the keys are stored in encrypted format while others are hidden very deep in the Registry hierarchy.

Fortunately, you can now recover all of the software product keys buried deep in Windows Registry with the help of MyKeyFinder. This software is designed to recover the product keys that you may have lost over the duration of many years and now have no other way to find them. As soon as you launch MyKeyFinder, it starts to scan your system for all the possible product keys – both for the Microsoft products as well as other third party software.


In addition to the software products, it can also recover the passwords, registration keys and others things stored somewhere in your system. For example, it can recover the WiFi passwords saved in your PC for all the WiFi networks that you have ever used.

All the product keys are displayed in a neat list and you can copy them to the clipboard quickly. You can also search the product keys if it has found hundreds of keys on your system. Other than copying these product keys to the clipboard, you can also export them to a PDF document, or print them off your connected printer.

MyKeyFinder is available in a free version but this free trial version does not display all the keys. For some of the keys it just shows a message – “Only available with MyKeyFinder Plus” instead of the actual product keys. But as far as Windows operating system is concerned, you can see the product key even in the free version.

You can download MyKeyFinder from