Padlet : Collect, Bookmark and Share Ideas Online

We have previously posted about Dropbox Paper which an excellent tool for online collaboration with your team members, classmates or co-workers. Padlet is also a similar tool that helps you bookmark the various website links, add text, images or videos and then share them with others.

Padlet works on the concept of a a blank canvas called “padlet”. You can use this padlet to add whatever you want on it. You can add text snippets, website links, videos, audio files, pictures and more. You can quickly record your voice and add it to the padlet, drag-n-drop a video file on the padlet, and even upload Microsoft Word documents or PDF files to it.


Padlet is unlike other online tools like blogs or social networks. Because of its canvas like behavior it makes it very easy to add new items to the padlet and you can add them really fast. After you have added your items to your padlet, you can share it with others through a link. If others are given permission, they can also post items to your padlet. It impresses me more like a school notice board – you can pin your notices or other announcements there and everyone can see them.


Padlets are highly customizable – you can add a custom background, themes and  titles. Because of this, they can be used by students of all ages along with their teachers to make homework much more interactive. According to Padlet developers, they are being used by teachers, students, professionals, and individuals of all ages, all around the world.

Padlet is perhaps the easiest way to collaborate with the others especially in the educational institutions whether it is an elementary school, a high school or the universities. It’s unique canvas like interface makes it easy to use for all the age groups.

You can start creating your own padlets by visiting

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