Record Screen with 7thShare Free Screen Recorder

7thShare Free Screen Recorder is a freeware application for Windows that can record your computer screen along with the computer sounds and the microphone input. It is very easy-to-use with its minimal user interface. It can save the recorded videos in the MP4 video file formats. Apart from the recording of the screen, it can also merge several recorded videos into a single video file.

It has a simple user interface and shows you three functions in the window – record, edit and trim. The recording function takes you to one more screen before it actually starts to record your computer screen. It asks you what kind of audio sources should be included in the video – it can ignore all sounds, it can record computer sounds, it can record your microphone and also all of them.

7thShare Free Screen Recorder

You can also choose a save directory where the recorded videos will be placed. It also shows the maximum space available on your hard drive so that you can clean up the hard drive to make more room for the recorded files if needed. You can use a tool like CCleaner to clean up your hard drive.

7thShare Free Screen Recorder

As soon as you start to record the screen, it places an icon in the notification area. This icon keeps blinking red to indicate that it is recording video of your screen. You can right-click on this icon to choose pause, stop or quit the free screen recorder. After you stop the recording, you can find the recorded video in the save directory.

7thShare Free Screen Recorder

Apart from the screen recording features, it can also be used to merge several video files and crop a pre-recorded video file. Both of these features can be accessed from the main user interface of the 7thShare Free Screen Recorder.

You can download 7thShare Free Screen Recorder from