Volume Normalizer Master : Change Volume of Audio or Video Files

When recording sound for making audio files or for creating videos sometimes the source of the sound (for example, the speaker) is very far away from the microphone which results in audio have a very low volume. This volume level could be very low so much that you can barely understand what someone is saying. Similarly, some music files have very low volume and this ruins the music which would have otherwise sounded great on your Bluetooth speakers.

Fortunately, you can easily fix the volume level in such files using a free tool called Volume Normalizer Master. It is an intuitive program that allows you to change the volume level of many different types of media files having a variety of audio codecs.

The user interface of Volume Normalizer Master is very simple and straightforward. You can start by adding all the files that you want to work with in the list. It will display the names of the files, their file size, their playback duration, the codecs used and so on. You can even add an entire folder containing your media files.

Volume Normalizer Master

There are three methods of changing the volume level – normalize by RMS amplitude, normalize by peak level, or changing the volume level or its decibel value directly. The first two methods do not give you any options and just try to change the volume level to the maximum volume level – the first method changes the maximum volume to the RMS amplitude and the second method changes it to the peak level. The third method gives you flexibility of changing the volume by percentage or the decibel values. Clicking on the Adjust Volume button will apply the changes to the added media files.

Volume Normalizer Master offers a very quick way to adjust the volume level of your audio or video files. You can make less audible audio files sound louder and you can lower the volume of very loud music files.

You can download Volume Normalizer Master from http://www.a4video.com/volume-normalizer-master.htm.

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  1. Hm, Volume Normalizer Master is NOT FREE, it’s a Trial-Version with ONE Minute Limit – aka useless (for me) … ;o]

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