WinASO Disk Cleaner : Clean All Junk Files from Windows PC

The longer you use your Windows PC, the larger is the number of junk files getting accumulated on your hard drives. These junk files are a by-product of everyday computer use as every program that you use creates some files on the hard drive but not all of these programs care to clean the unnecessary files afterwards. It is identical to the situation when people at the dining table are all eating but not many are cleaning up the dishes afterwards – pretty soon you have a mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen. For the kitchen, you need a good dishwasher, but for your Windows PC you can use WinASO Disk Cleaner.

WinASO Disk Cleaner is a powerful junk cleaner software using which you can quickly get rid of the piles of junk files that have been accumulating in your PC for months or even years. Depending on how long it has been since the last time you cleaned your hard drive, it can get rid of multiple gigabytes of unnecessary data from it.

WinASO Disk Cleaner

The user interface of WinASO Disk Cleaner is very nicely designed. You can start by selecting one of the partitions available in Windows. You can select only C: in the trial version. As you click on the Start Clean button, it will search the selected partitions for any junk files and show them in a list. You can delete them when the scanning is complete.

WinASO Disk Cleaner

Which files should be detected as junk files can be specified in the WinASO Disk Cleaner settings. You can set the filters for including the files as junk files and also for excluding the junk files. You can even exclude some paths from being scanned. You can change the action taken when you delete the detected junk files – whether they should be sent to the Recycle Bin or if they should be deleted from the file system directly.

WinASO Disk Cleaner

Apart from the junk files, it also offers cleaning of some specific Windows folders. These options are given under the “Other Cleaner” tab. You can clean Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temp, Windows History, Prefetch, Cookies, Temporary Internet Files, and Hotfix folders.

WinASO Disk Cleaner

WinASO Disk Cleaner does not touch Windows Registry which is a good thing as cleaning Registry does not really make a big difference and could end up damaging some Windows settings. WinASO Disk Cleaner is a fast and smart junk cleaning software for Windows. We recommend WinASO Disk Cleaner for all the Windows users who want to clean piles of junk files from their hard drives.

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  1. On my Windows 7 machine I have a 18 gig of installer files for things that happen to be installed by Microsoft can I delete these it would be great to get that gig back thank you

    1. If you mean hotfix installers, then yes you can remove them. Windows has already installed the hotfix/updates. If you remove these installers, then you won’t be able to uninstall these hotfixes/updates.

      I advise that you use Macrium Reflect to keep a working backup of Windows installation, so if something happens, you can restore whole Windows installation in seconds.

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