Split Chrome Tabs on Your Screen with Dualless Extension

Power users and gamers often have a setup with more than one monitors. They use one monitor for the operating system, one monitor for video editing, one monitor for gaming, one for programming and so on. Having multiple monitors makes it easy for you to switch from one task to another. With just one monitor you are stuck in the unending cycle of Alt+Tab hotkey.

If you are a Chrome user, you can install the Dualless extension to have the benefits of the dual monitor setup without actually having two monitors. It is not exactly the same as having two monitors, but you can see two windows side-by-side in many different ratios.

Chrome Dualless

In order to split the Chrome tabs on your screen, you can click on the Dualless icon in the toolbar and then select one of the screen split ratios. Both horizontal and vertical ratios are available – 3:7, 4:6, 5:5, 6:4, 7:3 and 1. For example, if you select 7:3 horizontal, then it will make first tab take 70% of your screen and second tab will be given 30% of the screen – both arranged horizontal one above another. If you select 1, then it will bring back all the tabs in one full size window.

Chrome Dualless

Similarly, if you choose 5:5 vertical, then it will split the tabs in such a way that both get 50% of your screen and are shown in separate windows side-by-side. This is very good arrangement if you want to compare two websites or want to access both sites at the same time.

Chrome Dualless

According to the developer of Dualless, it is a poor man’s dual monitor solution. But it can also be an emergency solution when you are traveling or outside and do not have access to your multi-monitor setup. In any case, it is a very productive and useful extension for the Chrome users.

You can get the Dualless extension for the Chrome web browser from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dualless/bgdpkilkheacbboffppjgceiplijhfpd.