1Clipboard : Clipboard Management with Syncing Feature

Windows clipboard is used to temporarily keep something in the memory for quick copying pasting. But this clipboard has a limitation that only one object can be copied to the memory at one time. As soon as you copy something else, the older memory is erased and overwritten with the new object. To get over this limitation and enhancing the clipboard, we can use third-party software like 1Clipboard.

1Clipboard is a free clipboard management software for Windows computers. In addition to extending the clipboard storage, it can also synchronize the clipboard entries across multiple computers. It is designed using Electron framework and is requires .NET 4.5 or above for proper operation. After the installation, you will notice an icon in the notification area. As soon as you copy something to the clipboard, it is automatically saved in the 1Clipboard history and can be accessed by right-clicking on the 1Clipboard icon.


As you select Show 1Clipboard from the notification area icon right-click menu, you will see a list of all the items that were copied to the clipboard. This list can be very long if you have been using 1Clipboard for many days. You can search through this list or add some items to your favorites. Clicking on any of these items will copy them to the clipboard, ready to be pasted anywhere.


In the settings of 1Clipboard, you can add your Google account which is used to synchronize your clipboard entries across multiple computers. For this, you have to install 1Clipboard on all the computers and add your Google account to 1Clipboard on all these computers. It uses Google Drive for storing your clipboard data and syncing it. Synchronizing can be turned off if desired and if you are using 1Clipboard only on one computer.


Conclusion: 1Clipboard is a powerful clipboard manager with syncing features. It can be used in offline mode or can be used to sync clipboard entries across multiple computers.

You can download 1Clipboard clipboard manager from http://1clipboard.io/.

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  1. This clipboard information is useful but can I make shortcut key (hotkey) for each of my recent used clipboard.

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