GameEx : Fullscreen Frontend for Game Emulators like Mame

There were games before PC games gained any popularity. These games ran on older consoles that are now hard to find. But you can still play these games using emulators like Mame. We have reviewed Mame emulator in the past on Mame (short for multiple arcade machine emulator) can help you run many different games from older consoles.

But if you want to turn your computer into a real arcade machine and multi-media center then you can use GameEx. It is a media center environment that can be used for multiple things all the once – playing older arcade games, watching movies and playing music. It offers a full-screen interface that reminds of older arcade machines. In addition to Mame, it is also a front-end to some of the other emulators like Daphne, GameBase and other PC games that you have installed in your computer.


Its interface is based on DirectX and this is why it is very fast and looks like you are inside a game. In the interface, you can select games, view their information and launch them to play. You do not have to download and install supported emulators like Mame yourself since they all come packed inside the GameEx setup. Apart from playing these games, you can also view YouTube content, listen to internet radio or watch movies, online videos and series on Netflix right from the GameEx user interface.


GameEx is optimized for dual-core and quad-core computers. It supports touchscreen and can be customized for configuring the keys for your controller. Not only it supports the retro games from early 90s and beyond, but it also supports modern game distribution clients like Steam, Ubisoft UPlay and Origin. Using GameEx, you can access all of your games, both old and new, from the same interface.


You can download GameEx from