Capture Whole Webpage in Vivaldi Browser for Android

Vivaldi web browser is finally available for Android devices. Even though it is still available in the beta version, it packs some really interesting features. For example, it offers lite mode using which Vivaldi browser can load webpages faster and can save up to 60 percent of your data. This lite mode uses Vivaldi’s cloud technology that optimizes the webpages before they are downloaded to your computer. Another feature in Vivaldi browser for Android allows you to capture webpages in full length and save them as JPEG images.

Here is how you can capture partial or complete webpage using Vivaldi web browser in Android:

  1. Launch Vivaldi browser in Android and navigate to the website that you want to save as JPEG images.
  2. Tap on the Vivaldi icon in the upper-right corner and select Capture page from the menu.Capture Webpage in Vivaldi Browser for Android
  3. It will show two options near the bottom edge of your screen – Capture full page and Capture visible area. Choose one of these options to capture the webpage open in the Vivaldi browser in its entire length or only the portion visible to you.
  4. After it has captured and saved the webpage, it will show a toaster notifications that page has been captured. You can select Open Image to view the captured webpage right away.Capture Webpage in Vivaldi Browser for Android
  5. You can find all the captured webpage screenshots in the VivaldiCaptures sub-folder inside the Pictures folder in your Android device’s default storage.

Vivaldi browser for Android was released only yesterday. It is still in the beta version and may undergo many changes. But the webpage capture feature is surely going to stay in the final release version too. This feature is ideal for capturing webpages for later use. It captures the webpages in the JPEG format and the saved images are very high resolution. As expected, you cannot capture webpages in the private tab.