How to Enable Dark Theme in Vivaldi Browser for Android

Vivaldi browser is now available for the Android devices. You can use the same powerful web browser that you have been using on desktop computers now on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Vivaldi browser has many features that may not be present in some of the other leading browsers today. For example, the mobile web browsers like Firefox do not offer built in dark theme that you can toggle easily, but it is available in Vivaldi browser.

Here is how you can enable dark theme in the Vivaldi web browser for Android:

  1. Launch Vivaldi web browser in your Android smartphone.
  2. Tap on the Vivaldi icon in the browser to pull down the menu and select Settings from there.Enable Dark Theme for Vivaldi Browser in Android
  3. From the settings screen, you can select Themes.
  4. You will be shown multiple options for themes – system default, light and dark. You can choose the Dark theme to enable it. Enable Dark Theme for Vivaldi Browser in Android

If you decide to choose System Default as the theme, then it will automatically switch between the light and dark themes based on the available battery charge in your Android device. When the battery is charged above 15% of its total capacity, it will use the light theme. When the battery charge drops down to 15% and the battery saver mode is turned on, it will automatically switch to the dark theme.

Needless to mention that your Android device uses more battery power when Vivaldi has light theme and less battery charge is consumed when the dark theme is being used. This is because the screen is brightly lit under the light theme and this uses more battery power. By using the dark theme, not only you save the battery power and make single battery charge stretch for hours but you also make your Android smartphone gentler on your eyes and keep them healthier.