Check Website for Safety or Reputation Using URLVoid

E-commerce sales are growing all over the world exponentially. As new markets from the developing countries are opening up more and more to the e-commerce world, industry experts are hoping that it will continue to rise in the decades to come. But with the rise in the popularity of online shopping, the cyber-criminals have also increased efforts to target the innocent online customers using a number of methods like spear-phishing, cross-site scripted advertisement, malicious apps etc.

In the spear-phishing attacks, the user may receive an spoofed email message containing discounts, freebies etc. The message appears to come from a known online shopping site (such as Amazon or eBay), but when you click on the embedded links it takes you to a fake phishing site that looks like the real shopping site.

This is why you should check every single website that you visit and should not just click on the links. One way to check whether a website is harmful and malicious is by using URLVoid web app. URLVoid is being run by the same people who make security related programs under the banner of NoVirusThanks. We have reviewed many of their useful utilities.


In order to check a website on URLVoid, you simply have to enter the domain name or website address in the specified field and press Enter. It will get busy scanning that website and show you the results in a few seconds. The results include the basic information about the domain name such as domain registration date, server location, server IP address, blacklist status, IANA assigned AS number, city and region of the organization or the web server running the website and so on.


In addition, it also displays the report from dozens of third-party blacklists including Google Safe Browsing the blacklist that is used by Chrome and Firefox browsers for detecting phishing sites. Using these reports, you can make your own judgment about the safety of that website.

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