MP3 Rename : Batch Rename MP3 Files in Windows

MP3 files became very popular during the late 90s. It was the Napster and Winamp era. Many people has amassed thousands of music files during those times. They would download the MP3 files all night and then spend their days renaming and organizing them in separate folders. Those days are gone now, but many people still keep a large number of legal MP3 files.

For aesthetics purposes, you may want to rename your files in your MP3 collection. Doing so manually could take all of your productive time. But you can use an MP3 renaming software like MP3 Rename to quickly rename multiple files in seconds.

MP3 Rename is a portable MP3 file renaming and arranging software for Windows. Designed by the developer for his own use, it offers and easy user interface and a large number of renaming options. You can begin by adding MP3 files to the MP3 Rename interface. After this, you can select renaming rules from the options provides in the interface. Among the other options, it can use ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags to rename the files. On the flip side, it can also generate MP3 ID3v1 tags using the file names.

MP3 Rename

You can click on the Preview button to have a preview of how the renaming will work. Preview shows the new file names alongside the old file names. If you want to proceed, then you can go ahead and click on the Rename button.

MP3 Rename is a simple yet feature-rich utility for renaming the MP3 files. It is able to batch rename your MP3 files based on renaming rules specified by you yourself. It is a great portable tool to quickly renaming your MP3 collection. It can even unpack the MP3 files if they are bundled together in a large ZIP archive.

You can download MP3 Rename from