E-Z Contact Book Helps Store and Manage Contacts Information

Remember how in the old times people used to carry a small diary containing addresses and phone numbers of all of their acquaintances. Similarly, everyone kept a small address book or phone book near the telephone  sets. But with the advent of computers, smartphones and other electronic devices, the real paper address book has become obsolete. Now you can have smart address books like E-Z Contact Book that can do much more than storing the contacts information, for example, print addresses on envelopes for correspondence.

Using the free E-Z Contact Book software, you can store your contacts information like names, addresses (home and work), telephone numbers (home and work), mobile numbers, websites, email addresses etc. You can even add notes related to each of these contacts. All of these contacts can be categorized as business, family and friends. In addition, photos of the contacts can also be included and addresses can be viewed directly in Google Maps.

E-Z Contact Book Free

The software allows you to backup and restore the contacts database, you can change the appearance of the contacts manager (by setting a custom font and choosing a color theme), you can print the entire list of contacts in form of a PDF document (if you have PDF document printer installed), you can print the list of contacts with complete information using a physical printer, you can print properly formatted addresses on envelopes and more.

E-Z Contact Book offers syncing the contacts with other standard apps installed in Android, iPhone, Windows, macOS and more. By syncing, you can manage the contacts on all of your devices from the convenience of your desktop PC. E-Z Contact Book has a reminders feature using which you can make it display alerts about forthcoming  birthdays, anniversaries, or other family or business events.

E-Z Contact Book is a really efficient contacts management software. It can be used as contacts manager for business or personal use. You can also use it a customer database manager for a small scale company.

You can download E-Z Contact Book Free from http://dmitrik.gotdns.org/ezcontactbook/.