Enlarge Thumbnails on Any Website with Imagus for Firefox

When you are searching for albums, videos, books and other things online, you often encounter small thumbnails in the search results. Sometimes you cannot make head or tail of the items from its smaller thumbnail and the only way you can enlarge this thumbnail is by clicking on it to open the link. If you do not want to keep opening dozens of links and just want to view the enlarged thumbnails, then you can make use of the Imagus extension for the Firefox web browser.

Imagus is very simple add-on for the Firefox web browser that allows you to view the large version of the images and video thumbnails without actually opening their links. It works great on many of the websites including search engines, social networking sites, shopping sites and more.

Imagus for Firefox

After the installation of the Imagus extension, you can just hover your mouse pointer over the thumbnails on search results or social networking sites. Whenever possible, zoomable items will be marked with a dashed border. It will first show a swirling animation over that thumbnail indicating that it is fetching the linked large version of the image. In case of video thumbnails, it will start playing the video. And if it is interfering with some other thing, then you can just hold Ctrl key while hovering the mouse pointer over these thumbnails – this disables the Imagus extension temporarily.

Imagus for Firefox

Even though the operation of Imagus is extremely simple, it comes with a tons of options. You can find these options for Imagus from the Firefox add-ons management page (about:addons). In the options, you can choose the temporary disable key, display delay, indicate zoomable thumbnails with marked lines, whether to preload images, change the volume level for video playback and more. Under the Sieve section of options, you can set rules for various sites.

Imagus for Firefox

Imagus extension for Firefox can save your precious time by showing the target large images or by playing the videos without actually opening the respective links in Firefox tabs. It is very easy to use and you only have to hover the mouse pointer over the thumbnails.

You can get the Imagus add-on for Firefox browser from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/imagus/.