Easy Speech2Text : Convert Speech to Text and Text to MP3

We are all busy in our lives and sometimes we are so busy that we don’t want to read through large reports and documents. Only if someone can read out those long pieces of text to us. Now with the help of  free tool called Easy Speech2Text, you can easily convert any text into MP3 audio file that you can listen to on any of your devices like iPod, iPhone or Android smartphone.

Easy Speech2Text can also convert audio file containing human speech into text. This is the main feature of the program. When you launch Easy Speech2Text, it displays a window where you can add an audio file. You can select any MP3 or FLAC audio file which must be recorded properly. You can use a tool like Audacity to record your speech and save it as MP3 file. If you have recorded some audio on your smartphone (I see many journalists doing it), then you can use FFmpeg to convert the recorded audio into MP3 or FLAC format.

Easy Speech2Text

As you click on the conversion button, it starts processing the MP3 or FLAC file and after a few minutes you are shown the text inside the window. In the free version of Easy Speech2Text, you are limited to only five minutes of speech to text conversion. Similarly, when you are converting text to MP3, you are limited to only 500 words per text file. If you want to remove these limits, then you will have to purchase the license for the Pro version.

Easy Speech2Text is a small tool that can be used to convert English text into MP3 audio file as well as to convert speech audio into text. It supports only English language and the text to MP3 conversion is done only with a English UK voice (there are four difference voices available but all from UK).

You can download Easy Speech2Text from https://easyspeech2text.com/.