Free Stopwatch Lap Times for Windows Computers

A stopwatch comes handy for so many things in everyday life. Whether you have to cook something, or you want to do exercise on your stationary bike, you need a timer or stopwatch to keep track of how much time has elapsed. While you can buy egg timers pretty cheap from anywhere, there are times when you need a stopwatch for your Windows PC. If you want to have a stopwatch for your PC, you can depend on Free Stopwatch that comes with many features including lap times.

Free Stopwatch has a nifty user interface where it displays the stopwatch in the main window. You are given the Start/Stop buttons to start or stop the timer and there is also a Lap button to keep track of the lap times. Using the basic stopwatch features does not need any instructions, all you have to do is click on the Start and Stop buttons whenever you want use the stopwatch. It displays time hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

Free Stopwatch

In addition to the basic stopwatch, it comes with other features such as metronome which plays a ticking sound of an old fashioned wall clock every second. You can save the time to a text file and later load it from the same file. You can switch to a full-screen mode and can also display the stopwatch in a resizable floating window. If you want to track the time for multiple things simultaneously, then you can run Free Stopwatch in multiple instances. This stopwatch software is smart and can remember the last stopwatch reading when you close it down – the next time you launch it, it will start from the last reading.

Conclusion: Free Stopwatch is a small and simple tool to keep track of how much time has elapsed. It can be run in multiple instances and you can export the results to a simple text file which can be reloaded into the stopwatch later on.

You can download Free Stopwatch from