FileMancer : Free File Server for Windows Computers

FileMancer is a file server software for Windows. It can be used to share files on your computer with anyone who can access the local network. It does not use an FTP server and allows the sharing of your files over the regular HTTP protocol. It runs a small web server through which the files are served and you can access the files through a clean web interface.

After the installation of FileMancer, it presents with the control interface from where you can see the server log and add, edit or delete users. When you add a new user or edit an existing user, you can set the various access rights for that user. You have supply a username, a password, a folder that this user is allowed to access and what type of files that user is allowed to access.


FileMancer can be controlled from the notification area icon. For this you can just double-click on its system tray icon and its control interface shall show up. In the logs FileMancer, you can see which of the users is currently logged in, when a user was logged out and so on. You can also export the logs for later use. You can change the port for the server access and click on the website URL to try it in your own web browser.


When you enter the website URL (as given in the FileMancer window) in your web browser, it will ask you to login. And after successful login, you will be able to access the files under the folder as assigned to that user. You can browse, view and download files easily using this web interface.


Conclusion: FileMancer can be a good alternative for FTP server if you want to share your files over the local networks and do not want to bother with complicated FTP configurations. You can just launch it, add users and you are all set. It is great for home use or for small office file sharing across all the workers.

You can download FileMancer from