How to Block Retweets from Anyone on Twitter

Has it happened to you that you followed someone on Twitter only to find that that person is a retweet factory? They keep retweeting every second and most of their retweets are annoying to your taste. Normally, you won’t think twice and simple unfollow that person or block them. But what if you like their tweets, only their retweeted tweets annoy you. This is like trying to enjoy a watermelon and at the same time trying to avoid all the seeds.

Fortunately, Twitter developers know about this situation and they have made it much easier for you to get rid of all the retweeted tweets without having to unfollow that person. This way you will be seeing all the tweets from that person but will no longer see their retweets. That person will never know that you are not seeing their retweets.

Here is how you can proceed with blocking someone’s retweets in Android :

  1. First of all select the profile of the person from whom you don’t want to see retweets.
  2. Tap on the menu icon near the top-right corner for that person’s profile.Turn off Retweets
  3. Select “Turn off Retweets” from this menu.
  4. You will see a toast notification informing that you won’t see any more retweets.Turn off Retweets

After this you will no longer see the retweets from that person on your Twitter timeline. But this will work only on the timeline. You will still be able to see all the retweets if you access that person’s Twitter timeline or profile. The only thing this setting does is that it keeps your timeline clutter-free and clean. It prevents you from getting a flood of retweets from some people who retweets every single tweets that they see. This setting works on your account no matter how you will access it through Twitter web app, Twitter for Android or Twitter for iOS.