NetSpot : WiFi Analysis and Survey Software

When you are setting up WiFi routers in your home or your office, you have to find optimal locations for installing of these WiFi routers so that you get good signal in every corner of the house. If you install these routers without proper planning, you will end up having a setup that gives you very good signal in some spots and no signal in other spots of your house. Furthermore, the planning should be done keeping in mind the places where you will be using the WiFi network most of the time, for example, where you will be using your laptop or where you will be playing video games etc.

Before permanently fixing the WiFi routers to walls, you should perform a survey and analysis of the whole setup to find their working positions that gives you best signal and range. For this, you can use NetSpot which is a WiFi network analysis tool for Windows, Mac and Android.

After a brief analysis, NetSpot shows you the WiFi network data in both the tabular and graphical format. In the tabular format, it shows the wireless network SSID, MAC address, signal strength, frequency band used, channel used, vendor of the WiFi device, authentication security used and more.


In the survery of the wireless networks, you have to first upload  map into the program and then you have to walk around with your laptop (on which NetSpot has been installed). It will automatically analyze the signal strength in various locations of your home. Using this data collected by NetSpot, it can generate a visual map of the WiFi range and coverage.

Many of the features in the free version are locked and cannot be used unless you upgrade to the pro version. For example, the survey feature is not available in the free version. Had they enabled this survey feature for free even for a smaller map, it would have been a great way to explore the capabilities of NetSpot.

You can download NetSpot from