Mind the Time : Finds Time Spent on Various Websites in Firefox

Had it not been for the invention of the wrist watch, the wall clock or the table alarm, we would have spent too much time watching TV shows and would be late for the work every day. Knowing how much time we have spent on something is very important as only through this knowledge we can manage our time in a day. For example, if you want to spend only two hours in the gym everyday, then you must keep an eye on the clock. The same principle applies in the internet – you must keep track of the time you have been spending on each of the websites in a browser so that you do not end up spending entire day on some fun website. An extension for the Firefox web browser called “Mind the Time” can help you find the time spent on various websites.

Mind the Time

“Mind the Time” shows an icon in the toolbar, clicking on which you can choose the time-tracking mode – timer on (disables after 15 seconds of inactivity), timer on (inactivity ignored), timer on (does not log websites), and timer off. Depending on how you are browse various websites, you can choose one of these modes. For example, if you spend a lot of time proofreading or editing, then you can chose the second mode – timer on (inactivity ignored) because you will be on websites reading without any activity for long periods of time.

Mind the Time

Every hour, “Mind the Time” extension will display a reminder or notification regarding how much time you have spend on all the websites you have surfed. This data is displayed for the whole day. If you want to change the time after which a reminder is displayed, then you can adjust it from the extension options. You can also view a summary which shows the log for past 70 days.

Mind the Time

“Mind the Time” extension is a really productive, time-management add-on that every Firefox user should have. It will save you from wasting too much time on “fun” websites like Twitter or Facebook.

You can get “Mind the Time” extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/mind-the-time/.

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