Deadbold Editor with Encryption for Windows, macOS and Linux

We all have used the popular text editor from Windows called Notepad for saving some information temporarily on our hard drives. Saving trivial unimportant information in plain text files in your computer is not a problem. But if you are saving important information such as your passwords or your banking information in plain text files, then you are putting it all at the risk of being stolen or hacked. Anybody, who can access your computer physically or through the internet, can also steal all this information.

One way to ensure that your personal information is protected is by encrypting it all. We have discussed dozens of file encryption software before such as AXCrypt, AESCrypt or SSE File Encryptor etc. But if you want the encryption built inside the text-editor then you should try Deadbolt Editor.

Deadbolt Editor

Deadbolt Editor is a cross-platform text editor designed using Oracle Java. But the setup for the Windows version of Deadbold Editor comes with a portable version of JRE and you don’t have to install JRE in order to use it.

Using this text editor does not require any special skills because it is exactly like Notepad. The only difference is that it can save and open encrypted text files with a file extension CTXT. These files can also be saved in the unencrypted TXT file format. It can also open a plain-text file (TXT) and then save it as an encrypted CTXT file.

Deadbolt Editor

For opening or saving the encrypted files, you have to supply a password. This password is different for all the files and if forgotten, your files will become inaccessible.  It uses strong Blowfish cipher to encrypt your files.

Deadbolt Editor is a plain text editor just like Windows Notepad but comes with strong encryption features. Using this editor, you can create password-protected encrypted text files without having to rely on any third-party encryption software.

You can download Deadbolt Editor from

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