Palit ThunderMaster : Overclock Nvidia GeForce GTX Graphics Cards

Gamers are always looking to adjust the settings of their gaming rigs and improve their performance for playing the latest computer games. The usual way to enhance the performance of a gaming computer is by upgrading its various components. But sometimes, you can also run your computer at a better performance just by overclocking the CPU or the graphics cards. Overclocking a processors is akin to running a racing car with Nitrous oxide.

Not all graphics cards allow overclocking, but many models from Nvidia GeForce GTX series allow overclocking using specialized overclocking software. For example, you can use Palit ThunderMaster to overclock GeForce GRX graphics cards.

ThunderMaster is an overclocking software for only GeForce GTX cards and offers a beautiful user interface for that purpose. As soon as you launch it, it will display the current GPU temperature, cooling fan duty, GPU core clock frequency, and the RAM frequency. If your system has only one GPU (which applies to many of the computers), then it will show the GPU model on top. However, if you have multiple GPUs (for example, one onboard GPU and another GPU attached to the PCIe slots) then you can choose the GPU you want to work with.

Palit ThunderMaster

In order to click the power button in the center of the ThunderMaster interface to overclock the GPU. You are given the options to customize GPU clock offset, memory clock offset, GPU over-voltage, power target, GPU temperature target, and the frame rate target.

You can save the overclocking settings under different profiles so that you can apply them in future without having to manually adjust the values. Similarly, it can save the BIOS of the GPU to a file on your hard drive. You can restore this BIOS using Nvidia flashing tools later. Palit ThunderMaster is certainly a good overclocking tool for Nvidia GeForce graphics cards.

You can download Palit ThunderMaster from