How to Enable Network Limiter in Opera GX Gaming Browser

Opera GX is a web browser designed specially for the gamers. It comes with some of the coolest features that gamers are going to love such as displaying information about latest released games, Twitch integration in the browser, availability of many popular messenger apps right inside the browser and the ability to limit the RAM, CPU and Network use. The latest feature that has been added to Opera GX is Network Limiter through which you can control how much data or internet bandwidth should Opera GX be allowed to use.

According to the Opera developers, the reason behind adding Network Limiter to Opera GX is that not everyone has a high-speed internet connection in the order of 30MB/s. If you have a slower internet connection and you want to download files at the same time as playing games or using Twitch in Opera GX, then you have to limit the network use by Opera GX.

Here is how you can enable Network Limiter in Opera GX:

  1. Launch Opera GX browser and then click on GX Control icon to open GX Control Panel.Opera GX Network Limiter
  2. In the GX Control Panel click on the switch next to Network Limiter to enable it.Opera GX Network Limiter
  3. Select from the drop-down list how much network bandwidth Opera GX can use. You can pick from 164 kb/s to 25 MB/s. For optimal use, you can choose between 1MB/s to 2MB/s depending on the speed of your internet connection.Opera GX Network Limiter

Later, you can turn off Network Limiter from the Opera GX Panel in the similar way. You do not have to keep it enabled all the time. You can enable it only when you want all the applications to get an equal share of the internet bandwidth. It is also useful if your family members are complaining that you are using all of the WiFi network bandwidth.