BDtoAVCHD : Convert Blu-Ray Video Discs to AVCHD Format

Older technologies are quickly dumped in favor of newer ones in a matter of months these days. It seems like only yesterday everyone was talking about dual-layer re-writable DVD discs. But now solid-state media has changed all that – we are slowly replacing even the hard disk drives with solid state drives. If you have a Blu-ray disc lying around that holds some important video such as your wedding or new year’s party celebration, you can convert it into an AVCHD video disc so that you can play it in compatible devices using a freeware tool called simply BDtoAVCHD.

BDtoAVCHD makes it a breeze to convert your Blu-ray disc or MKV video into AVCHD compatible disc. It does not burn the AVCHD video data on a blank DVD disc, rather it creates a folder with AVCHD disc structure. You will have to use a DVD writer software such as CD Burner XP. This way you can create a DVD5 or DVD9 video disc ready to be played on any DVD video player.


In the user interface of BDtoAVCHD, you have to select a Blu-ray disc or an MKV video file. As soon as you select a file, it will automatically scan it for video, audio and subtitle streams. If you want to change the subtitles, then you can add them yourself. You can also choose a target audio stream, target subtitles and target media format. After selecting an output folder for the AVCHD video, you can click on Add to Queue button to add this conversion job to the list.

You can add multiple jobs like this to the list and finally click on the Start Jobs button. The conversion process is very slow and in the end you will be able to find the folders for the respective conversion jobs. Now you can use CD Burner XP or ImgBurn to burn it on a physical DVD media.

You can download BDtoAVCHD from